MultiSpot MI-100 Control-T
Manufacturer: Elektron
Part #: MI-100 Control-T
The MultiSpot MI-100 Control-T delivers high quality inverter technology that assures perfect spot welding results. Designed for all car body repairs with high strength steels (e.g. Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP, XIP).
  • High performance transfomer pliers
  • Impedance measurement for perfect results
  • Automatic readjustment of welding parameters, uniform quality from the first spot weld to the last on
  • Automatic detection for interference factors such as dirt, adhesives or protective coatings
  • 16 feet of welding cable for increased reach
  • Weight: 187 lbs
  • Dimensions: 36.4" / 25.6" / 25.6"
Website: Elektron
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