Our History with Fleet Finishes
We have distributed and supported fleet finishes for as long as we've had automotive refinish.
From value-minded to OEM-specced products, PPG has multiple options for fleet finishes. We have built a solid foundation and relationship with PPG for fifty years, so it is natural that we choose to distribute and support their fleet products.
Our three full-time technicians are not only capable of training everything automotive, but they are just as knowledgeable on the fleet end. Whether you are coating widgets, truck cabs, high visibility emergency vehicles or cranes, our technicians are here to explain what product option is best for your specific application and to train you and your employees from start to finish.
PPG Delfleet Essential
The Delfleet Essential® product portfolio is the value-minded solution for trucks and commercial vehicles. It helps meet your facility’s need for quick turnarounds with consistent quality at an affordable price. Our proven single-stage system is not only easy to mix and spray, it delivers a glossy, durable finish with excellent throughput performance. For added versatility, Delfleet Essential basecoat offers increased color and finish options, while maintaining operational efficiency and superb value. Best yet, both direct gloss and base-clear finishes can be delivered with warranty coverage.
  • High-solids topcoats and primers
  • Simple topcoat 6:1:1 mixing ratio, packaged in easy to use kits
  • Compact mixing system of only 30 toners
  • Basecoat option for more colors, metallic and pearls, stripe capability and extended durability
  • Colors can be sprayed in direct gloss or converted to basecoat in one step at time of mixing
  • Solid colors can be cross-coated
  • Application guidance by experts
PPG Delfleet Evolution
The Delfleet® Evolution system represents PPG’s latest advancement in fleet coatings technology and has become the finish system of choice for commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet maintenance operators who want the ultimate in performance and durability. Incorporating proven technology, total color solutions and best-in-class service, this premium, painter-friendly system delivers the color, gloss and durability demanded for harsh day-in, day-out work environments.
  • First-class, high gloss finish
  • Meets commercial vehicle OEM and repair specifications
  • No sag on rivets
  • Superior chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Comprehensive color tools and training support
  • Superb gloss
  • Excellent product warranties 3-, 5- and 7-year warranty options
  • Matched to OEM standards, variants and alternates
  • Panel match capability
  • Outstanding edge coverage
  • Compliant options to meet regulatory requirements
Ideal For
  • OEM truck manufacturers
  • Repair facilities for newer trucks and national fleets
  • OEM builders of trucks, buses, speciality truck bodies and equipment, emergency vehicles
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