Industrial & Commercial Coatings - With Service.
Our knowledge and unmatched level of customer and product support go well beyond automotive refinish.
We service customers that refinish anything from small widgets to shipping containers to water tanks to 53' steep scrap trailers.
We've recognized that all commercial and industrial customers have specific needs. Whether it is product durability, color match, or simply a strict adherence to spec, we are able to determine the best product and process to meet and exceed your expectations.
Commercial Performance Coatings
Commercial Performance Coatings are hard-working finishes that can be applied to products or equipment, large and small. They can be used in production runs ranging from mass production to special one-of-a-kind jobs, or for repair and refurbishment projects. Manufacturers look to PPG to fulfill a broad range of requirements. Need a custom color? A fast-dry system? Superb durability? Low VOC options? From agricultural and construction equipment to trailers, business equipment, electrical enclosures and much more, PPG offers the proven technology and support to assure the right finish for the application. PPG Commercial Performance Coatings are available in a variety of technologies, including alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, urethanes and powder coatings.
  • Wide choice of topcoat and primer technologies
  • Works with wide range of application conditions
  • Designed to deliver productivity savings
  • Environmentally compliant coatings available
  • Consistent batch to batch quality
  • Production line consultations
  • Large and small batch quantities available
  • Computerized custom color matching
  • User-friendly applications
  • Just-in-time, fast turnaround on orders
Ideal For:
  • Application to products or equipment, large or small
  • Component parts and manufactured items
  • Large production runs
  • Small, one-of-a-kind jobs
  • Repair or refurbishment projects
  • Nearly any light industrial segment
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