UltraMig 225HP
Manufacturer: AMH
Part #: AMH225HP
The UltraMig 225HP is a powerful SYNERGIC machine designed for a wide variety of applications including MIG brazing of fully galvanized steel using SILICONE-BRONZE wire and MIG welding of STEEL and ALUMINUM all in one package.
Patented double wire drive system.
The micro-processor controlled system is preprogrammed for selected wire types and sizes.
Synergic control for easy operation. UltraMig 225HP allows the operator to choose combinations with the touch of a keypad and take total control with one knob on the torch. Voltage and wire speed are perfectly synchronized to deliver a stable arc and achieve optimum results.
Less welding spatter and burn through.
Minimal warping and loss of metal properties.
Maximum protection of galvanized coatings.
Includes: Ground cable and clamp, welding cable and gun, welding tips, nozzle, gas regulator, welding wire steel, and a fuse.
Optional Accessories: Spool gun, electronic welding helmet.
Weight: 155 lbs
Dimensions: 34" x 14" x 29"
Website: AMH
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