Ventus Semi Downdraft
Manufacturer: Accudraft
Part #: Ventus
The Accudraft Ventus™ is a modified downdraft spray booth designed for the start-up operation or facilities that are looking for a basic finishing environment. The Ventus™ engineered as a starter kit and is designed in a universal fashion to accept all Accudraft™ add-on systems like heat (makeup air), waterborne air jets, and energy saving systems. This allows the facility or shop to have a basic setup and add on future capabilities at their own pace.
Semi-downdraft paint booths operate much like a crossdraft since the exhaust is still achieved via the rear of the paint booth workspace, however the incoming air is now introduced to the workspace through small section in the ceiling located at the front of the paint booth. This creates a draft pattern that is directed at a diagonal from the filtered area of the ceiling to the exhaust point at the rear of the paint booth.
The airflow pattern gives a slight advantage over crossdraft paint booths since the incoming air is not going across the painted object but rather on a diagonal heading somewhat downward. A semi downdraft paint booth is also a very economic choice since concrete is not necessary and the cost of the unit is generally a mid-range price from Accudraft since the paint booth does not require a full upper plenum. Single wall and double-wall insulated versions of the paint booth system are available. The VENTUS is also available without heat or air makeup. Heat makeup and PLC paint booth controls are available as an add-on in the future.
  • Modified Downdraft or “Semi Downdraft” Paint Booth System
  • Single Skin Paint Booth Construction
  • Paint Booth & Air Makeup Group Come in Ultra White Vinyl Coating
  • Ultra-WhiteTM Non Reflective Vinyl Paint Booth Workspace Interior
  • All paint booth main doors include integrated red locking handles
  • All paint booth doors include full-height observation windows with wire-mesh reinforcement
  • Xcelerator Waterborne jet drying system
  • Accudraft outdoor paint booth option
  • EnergySmartTM Energy Saving VFD System
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